How To Ask Your Parents For Money (and Get Rejected Fast!)

When you become an adult, parents tend to be the hardest people in the world to ask money from. Not only because they probably have no money to spare but also because you are expected to provide for yourself now! The worst part is when you have to listen to lectures about hard work, thriftiness, and responsibility. Like that would be any consolation to your empty stomach and equally empty leather money clip.

Parents are not exactly heartless. In fact, your parents might just be teaching you about adult responsibilities that you refuse to take as you cling to being a Peter Pan. There is nothing wrong with being a Peter Pan as much as there is nothing wrong with Michael Jackson. Or maybe there is? But I digress. Here is how to make your father hide his leather money clip faster than you can whine “Oh, Pleaaasssseee help me, Mother”.

Be the Greatest Liar Who Ever Lived

Never ever tell the truth behind your begging them for money. You can invent good excuses for your real troubles – you are sick when you actually are pregnant and want an abortion fast; you have overran your credit card limit because you bought nice things for your sisters in college when you actually have gambling debts enough to pay the year’s mortgage; or you need to take maintenance medicines for depression and anxiety when you are actually a junkie.

If your parents know the real trouble you are in, you can bet your last dollar on your woefully-slim leather money clip that your request will be rejected. Until such time you tell them the truth, maybe.

Discuss How You Plan to Spend the Money

But discuss it in such a way that your true needs will not be addressed. You can be as imaginative as you want in wasting the money they will be loaning you. If you know they have funds for a Hawaii vacation, tell them that you want to go to Hawaii because the doctor ordered it. (Use the depression and anxiety excuse, if you like)

Not only will you end up with lesser money on your leather money clip (cab fare or gasoline sounds familiar?) but you will also be alienating yourself from your miserly parents. No more “Mom, thanks for the quick loan”.

Just Because I Said So

You have often heard this phrase from your parents when you were younger. You want to wear Goth makeup and they told you no; you ask why, they tell you “Just because I said so!” Well, now is the time to use the very same phrase to have your wish done.

Never ever give your parents time to decide about your request. Never ever put your reasons on paper lest they find an “i” with no dots and a “t” with no slash. If they sense something fishy about your request, there goes the dollars to feed your hungry leather money clip.

It is a Donation, Not a Loan

And the best way to scare off your parents is to tell them you are asking, not borrowing. Be as insensitive as you can be about their needs. You might just find yourself kissing the door while they slam it on your face. Your old bedroom door, of course. Nobody said anything about loving parents actually throwing you out on the streets!

Of course, if you really need the money for valid purposes, you should never ever follow this advice. Otherwise, you really are asking for trouble, not money.